Nickname? Curtis

Age? 36 years old

City or country? Both are good to be balance in life, the City because I like people, Country because I appreciate a quiet place and chill.

Night or Day? Night it’s night, all cats are grey like the ivory song says. I prefer the day, I can feed of the sun.

Beer or Smoothie? Coconut punch (Krémas in Haiti) homemade with ice.

Movie?  Bruce Willis, Denzel Washington for example

Book?  The diary of Anne Frank , “Bel ami” by Guy de Maupassant, Martin Luther King autobiography

Music? Jay Z without hesitation

Occupation?  Organisation of fun events / Creater and member of the fondation Lead by Example

Mentor? Model? The successful entreprener in general, the ones that try new things with a touch of originality and have ambition ( P.diddy, Hammadoun Sidibé the quai 54 organizator, Jay Z)

1st thing you do after work? I clean my hands ( I’m not ADD) I chill and drink my Coca Zero, it’s like Scotch for me.

Hobby? Play and watch Basketball, traveling

Dream destination? United State because of the mentality, the change of weather, it’s a place that I learn more about little by little. Brazil for the colours, and

island of Réunion, I have a 2nd family over there.

This week I spent 2 hours with Yvel at Sèvres after work. We went to a bar to talk but we prefered to be somewhere calm. So, I took him to the St-Cloud park which wasn’t far. We enjoyed how quiet the place was and the amazing light.

Yvel was born in march, 17 1979 at Saint Louis du Sud which is in Haiti. He’s the oldest of 1 sister and 2 brothers. He likes clothes, shoes and specialy dress up shirt (« I like nice clothes but I don’t always dress up»). He’s organized, obstinated and also a thinker. He’s energized in everything he does. He tries to be around the best people to work with for all his projects. He’s also faithful in business. He explained to me that he doesn’t want to change his co-workers except if somebody doesn’t bring anything new on the table. He likes to be in control to be sure that the team goes where he wants them to go. He enjoys to create new relationships, observ people’s behaviors, listen to them and  watch them have fun. He quickly began to organize brunchs at his house. His appartment wasn’t big enough, he came up with the idea of create giants picnics and little event at night with bicycles in Paris to feel like a tourist in the capital that he’s in love with that everybody grew up in. Always in a good vibe, it’s a good way to meet new people. Today, his event almost has 100 participants. Since 2010, he’s a part of the lead by example association, which he introduced to me before we talked about his professional life. The association finance schoolarships for haitian kids because most school aren’t free in Haiti. Because of donations and a special basketball game , they put 123 students in school since the association started. They are planning on create a coffee shop with free wifi to allow people tu use internet when they need to. He worked with his father until he couldn’t mix his personal projects and professional life. He lives of his passion today, organizing events. One of his known concept is The movie Theater. Briefly, he gets people together to watch a classic movie ( Pulp Fiction, Barbershop…) and people forget about the movie and just enjoy the moment! He cited Martin Luther King – « Give love to people that don’t love you », haitian proverbs about sharing and helping that he tries to apply to his life every day. He likes to chill and enjoy life, relax, read the news and enjoy quiet places and to be peaceful. He likes the experience that travel can give him. He was lucky to discover many places and plan to visits Bresil for the 2016 JO and visits South Africa ( Senegal for its story).


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