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A few month ago I met Antonella in the subway. Since it was difficult to see again because of our job’s schedules. We seen in la Défense at lunch time, she came with a friend Yohan.

Sebastien Roignant

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I know Sebastien because he has a youtube channel about photography: F/1.4 – A pleine ouverture. I went to one of his workshops at the beginning to the year to discover his universe thoroughly. I naturally asked if I could interview him.

Fabrice Houessou

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Fabrice Houessou is an older co-worker I met during a mission on my work. I spent 2 hours with him near St-Lazare train station.


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I met Claimence 3 years ago on social network. I spent 2 hours with her at Heron park in Villeneuve D’ascq a city near Lille during my weekend there.