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I met Sarah on social network because we had a friend in common. I decided to meet her after her work not too far from her job because she lives in Ponthierry, a city near Corbeil-Essonne and Melun.


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I met Claimence 3 years ago on social network. I spent 2 hours with her at Heron park in Villeneuve D’ascq a city near Lille during my weekend there.


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I met Emilie during a video shoot 2 years ago. Since, we tried to meet again unsuccessfully because of our respective plannings in charge of.


This week I spent 2 hours with Yvel at Sèvres after work. We went to a bar to talk but we prefered to be somewhere calm. So, I took him to the St-Cloud park which wasn’t far. We enjoyed how quiet the place was and the amazing light.