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I met Eden 2 years ago during a day photo shoot for a caribbean association. Since this time, I’m looking his actuality on social media. I told him I want learn more about him and he invited me to his home for this interview. This episode it’s exceptional because it was a strike in his daughter’s school so he did the episode with her.


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Meghann is a student that I met 2 years ago in a bar. We quickly got on and played the video games together. Today it’s her birthday, I wanted to put her in the honor and make you to discover her. I decided to interview her on the campus of Nanterre so that she feels at ease.


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I know Manuel since the high school, we changed a lot since but he always kept his joy of living. I decided to know more about him. We were made an appointment yesterday near my home at the evening.

Fabrice Houessou

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Fabrice Houessou is an older co-worker I met during a mission on my work. I spent 2 hours with him near St-Lazare train station.