Sebastien Roignant

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Nickname? None

Age? 31 years old

Single? In a relationship?  In a relationship

Astro Sign? Sagittarian

City or Country? The City to live for now but probably the country later. I need a country gateway from time to time. 

Night or Day? I’d say that I work better at night.

Beer or Smoothie? Beer

Sweet or Savoury? Both. For exemple, a crepe with  a sweet dough with salty filling.

Favorite Movie? Matrix, “Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain” if I should quote from it only two.

Favorite Book? David Foenkinos (“La délicatesse”), Bernard Werber.

Favorite Song? New french songs, musics with beautiful lyrics. My favorite singer is Buridane.

Occupation? Professional photographer and photography trainer

Mentor? Model? I’ve had many idoles but I don’t anymore. But there is some artists who I really like. I am inspired by many people but sometimes by no one. I have seen a lot of things now and I try to realy digest it and not copy it. To give a few exemples, directors like Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Danny Boyle, James Cameron, and  Sebastião Salgado for photography

1st thing you do after work? I work from home so I never get back home from work! 🙂 But when I get back home, the first thing I do is turning on my computer.

A striking meeting? A lot! The last was “Le Turk” who I have been lucky to interview at on of his workshops. He confirmed that I was on the right track. But a lot of people I met made me grow

A striking fact? When I first came to Lyon, it was to meet a friend and eventually I stayed

Hobby? Photography, cinema, video games. I am actually playing Syberia 2 on iPad

Dream destination? Islande for the landscapes and stones and mostly for photography.

Citation?  The first one that comes in ming is from woody allen : “Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night”.


I know Sebastien Roignant because he has a youtube channel about photography: F/1.4 – A pleine ouverture. I went to one of his workshops at the beginning to the year to  discover his universe thoroughly.

I naturally asked if I could interview him. As my project matured, I came to Lyon to spend some time with him. We met at the opera. I was with Anaele and her boyfriend. We had lunch with Sebastien at a fine fast food called Miga. After that, Sebastien and I went appart in a tea house to talk. Sebastien was born and raised in Centre Bretagne in a town called Rostrenen. He moved to Rennes for his studies and stayed there for 12 years. He has been living in Lyon for a year and a half and really enjoys it. Being and only child, he is lonely, agoraphobic and mysterious. He created his univers where only im decides who he invites in or out. He has no problem denying the access to people who invites themseves. He profers face-to-face. That is why his jobs perfectly suits him. 26% face to face a,d 75% alone with his computer. He is quite paradoxal. He like art as much as science and is a hars/lazy worker. Anti-conformist and umpredictable, he aims to live real things. He expresses himself through photography, the ling betweek his universe and the outside world. By the way, 95% of his accointances are from this field. He is actualy in reconstruction period. Newly arrived in lyon, he met a new girlfriend who brings him outside of his universe and introduce him to new activities (even if she his also in the photography field). In a few words, Sebastien is a passionate, stubborn man, who is trying to fulfill his potential. He tries to bring forward the world and share his vision that he finds good and noble. This is why he goes on with his youtube channel and organises meetups in Lyon and Workshops all over France (portraits photography, weddings and staging). He worls on a serie of photos “soledad”, that yo ucan discover on his website site. He has had a project in minde for 3 years that needs 1 year of preparatory work. He thinks he will be able to acheive it in september. Stay Tunned!



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