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Nickname? Princess

Age? 26 years old

Single? In a relationship? Single

Astro Sign? Sagittarius

City or Country? Country for quiet, nature and animals

Night or Day? End of day or beginning of evening because I like to chill on my bed and to look at the stars

Beer or Smoothie? Tea or Smoothie

Sweet or Savoury? Sweetened without hesitation, I have a sweet tooth, I like nibbling

Favorite Movie? Romantic comedies, Love Actually, Hunger Games, Divergente, Labyrinth

Favorite Song? I listen to everything

Favorite Book? Romantic british Books, science fiction novels and thriller ( Bernard Werber – le cycle des fourmis, the first good novel which I read)

Hobby? Read, Video games ( Age of Empire, Baldur’s Gates, Hitman, Tom Clancy, WOW)

Occupation? In an insurance business

Mentor? Model? I admire persevering people. Moreover, I admire my dad to have had the strength of character and the courage to go back to school at 40 years old

1st thing you do after work? I Go to bed to take a break

A striking meeting? The meeting with my first boyfriend, he allowed me to meet one of my best friends

A striking fact? The birth of my last nephew, he’s the young which tempted me to have children also

Dream destination? Africa because Safaris, to watch animals in their environments, pyramids in Egypt and to visit the United States by curiosity

I met Sarah on social network because we had a friend in common. I decided to meet her after her work not too far from her job because she lives in Ponthierry, a city near Corbeil-Essonne and Melun. Although she admitted that she’s always in late, this time she was right on time. Sarah was born in Reims, she’s a mixed girl from Marocco, Spain, Algery and Bretagne. It was difficult to obtain a real beautiful smile because she’s very shy, but when she feels at ease, she’s enthusiast and her smile is really fascinating. She’s solitary and stay-at-home, she appreciates the peace and the beauty of the nature. Sarah entrusted me that when she was younger, she was a tomboy but now she’s very pretty and distinguished. Her appearance isn’t her priority but she likes very much taking care of herself. It’s difficult to see her without her high heels. She’s quiet at work, crazy and possessive with her friends. Sarah is optimistic and dreamy, as an American, she hopes for a husband, for buying a beautiful house and for a child. She likes the human contact, in the future, she wishes to train people.


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