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Nickname? Meghann

Age? 22 years old

Single? In a relationship? In a relationship

Astro Sign? Scale

City or Country? The campaign, it’s restful

Night or Day? The night is made for the rest, to sleep and the cuddles simply

Beer or Smoothie? Beer

Sweet or Savoury? It’s difficult to choose but I like the chocolate, Sweetened

Favorite Movie? I liked the horror movies but these days I prefer the series which emphasize the black community as Empire

Favorite Book?  Freud with regard to my studies

Favorite Song? RnB, Zouk dance, Slow dance, globally soft music

Occupation? Master’s degree in psychology

Mentor? Model? My mother, in spite of her setbacks, her gets up. She’s always motivated, she doesn’t judge me and pushes me upward come what may and no matter my choices.

1st thing you do after work? I remove my shoes, I release my hair, I untie my bra and I relax

A striking meeting? My boyfriend 4 months ago

A striking fact? I was 7 years old, I crossed the road without looking, a car collided me. Luckily there was an ambulance not very far. I was within an inch of making a concussion.

Hobby? Video games, Assassin’s creed, The Last of Us, GTA

Dream destination? Tahiti, a destination which makes me dream, that seems soothing, and I likes the nature anyway

Citation? It’s never too late to do the right thing

Meghann is a student that I met 2 years ago in a bar. We quickly got on and played the video games together. Today it’s her birthday, I wanted to put her in the honor and make you to discover her. I decided to interview her on the campus of Nanterre so that she feels at ease. I noticed her sense of observation and the analysis. Indeed, she is serene and attentive in a new environment, but once in confidence, she becomes rather mischievous and smiling. She lacks self-confidence but she doesn’t prevent her from reaching her goals. Meghann is sometimes naive or dreamy, of other affectionate and sulky time. She is charming, she keeps her child’s soul. Meghann is ambitious, she would like to become a guidance counselor and a designer in her spare time. She dreams to have her family, her home submerged by love. She hopes to do her best for her close friends and to make proud her circle of acquaintances.

Happy birthday Meghann!


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