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Nickname? Marjorie

Age? 27 years old

Single? In a relationship? Single

Astro Sign? Leo

City or Country? I like both but I prefer the city compared with its animation

Night or Day? Night because I like to party

Beer or Smoothie? Beer

Sweet or Savoury? Savoury

Favorite Movie? I like romantic comedies and the Blockbuster

Favorite Book? I like sentimental novels or autobiographies

Favorite Song? All without Hard Rock

Occupation? Veterinary nurse

Mentor? Model? My parents because I am proud of their route of life

1st thing you do after work? I take the dogs out

A striking meeting? I was during 1 month an humanitarian worker in Dakar. I made many amazing meetings

A striking fact? I had a serious accident in Dominican Republic. Upon my arrival over there, the bus of transfer which drove us to the hotel crossed a railroad and we were collided by a train.

Hobby? Animals

Dream destination? The Maldive Islands because it’s paradisiac otherwise Alaska to see whales and polar bears

Citation? Don’t make to others than you don’t want that we make for you

I met Marjorie in a party, I proposed her to know more about her when she would be ready. She wanted that we meet in the park of St-Cloud with her friend because both of them wanted to learn to feel at ease in the face of a camera. I have to admit that at the beginning she was so stressed. Marjorie lives to Puteaux with her 2 dogs (Shiba Inu) and her 2 cats. She likes partying and sharing good moments with her friends. She’s a generous and a sensitive woman who hates the conflicts. Marjorie is an adventuress and altruist, she likes travelling, discovering new destinations and helping around her. When I asked her to be described in one sentence, she simply answered me “I’m an avalanche of love, a tsunami of emotions, a torrent of tears and laughter, in brief I’m a natural disaster”. Marjorie dreams of start a family and to have a house in the campaign to invite all her friends to party.


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