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Nickname? Timanoko

Age? 30 years old

Single? In a relationship? In a relationship

Astro Sign? Capricorn

City or Country? The city for the shopping and the parties otherwise the countryside for strolls and rides when I am at mom’s home

Night or Day? Night because I’m a Batman

Beer or Smoothie? Shaker of proteins otherwise from sometimes a little noggin of old rum

Sweet or Savoury? Savoury because I avoid the sugar with regard to my past of old big person

Favorite Movie? Batman Dark Knight, I can watch it all day long, the Superhero’s movies globally, the French comedy, or romantic movies as The Notebook

Favorite Song? According to my moods, Rap when I am irritated or stretched out, or French Variety to go at work, the Zouk dance when I’ve unhappy love affair

Favorite Book?  Marc Lévy generally, books about personal analysis, Changer d’attitude by Bertrand Picard, I stopped in the chapter about the hypnosis

Hobby? The sport, I had my period of Car tuning Automobile, my period of Jet-ski, the shopping (Sneakers) and Soccer

Occupation? Peacekeeper

Mentor? Model? My mother because her staunch optimism, she always has words needed. She was alone but she had the courage and the forces to make me who I’m today.

1st thing you do after work? When I work in the morning I go to the sport, otherwise in the evening, TV or a quick drink

A striking meeting? 2 or 3 years ago, I went out of a bar when I fall on Jamel Debbouze, we spoke at least 20 minutes while we didn’t know each other

A striking fact? The death of my grandfather, I don’t have grows up with my father, my grandfather represented everything for me

Dream destination? I was in Miami last year with my girlfriend (I’m made to live over there), I felt free and in safety, Brazil for the soccer

Citation?  When you want you can

I know Manuel since the high school, we changed a lot since but he always kept his joy of living. I decided to know more about him. We were made an appointment yesterday near my home at the evening. He was born in Tourcoing and lived up to the age there of 6 years then moved in Martinique. He returned here to work a few years ago. Manuel is charismatic, a leader as soon as it’s delirious projects. He’s a helpful and honest man. There was himself a circle of sincere friends on who he can matter and vice versa. Most of the time he makes his friends in priorities with regard to him. However, nobody is more important than his family. In love, he’s reserved and jealous, it was difficult to know more about him on this subject. Manuel had an awareness 2 and a half years ago, he began seriously to be interested in the sport and especially by his body metamorphosis. Through his tremendous motivation and determination, he lost more than 33 Lbs. Comfortable with his new body, I was able to make beautiful photos rather easily. Manuel love travelling, he is a Paris lover. In the future, he would like, to return in Martinique for personal reasons.

  • Lyann
    November 13, 2015

    Still crazy about your project
    Keep going

    • Frantz D. Photographie
      January 25, 2016

      Thank you

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