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Nickname? Semilia

Age? 25 years old

Single? In couple since 10 years

City or country? A mixture thereof

Night or Day? Night, I’m inspired at night

Beer or Smoothie? Smoothie because the alcohol it’s not my thing, however, I’m not against a punch

Movie? Historical films, The Purple color

Book? Chut by Myriam PERINE

Music? My favorite artist is Richie Spice, he reminds me my mother otherwise I listen to of any Reggae, Dancehall, Zouk dance, Jazz.

Occupation? Cleaning lady at the hospital

Mentor? Model? My mother (her strength, her courage, she educated 5 children alone and passed by very difficult moments) otherwise a public character, Lauryn Hill (her beauty, her voice, I always loved this woman, I dreamed to look like her in my youth) and Marcus Garvey (he was an activist of the black race, he fought for us and for the Rastafarians)

1st thing you do after work? I take a shower and I chill in front of YouTube videos and fashion photos

A striking meeting? I have several of it but the real meeting, my boyfriend

A striking fact? Moments were spent with my mother, my brothers and sisters, we organized mini concerts with my father’s microphone, we sang and we danced in the lounge

Hobby? My YouTube channel, photography, draw

Dream destination? The West Indies or Reunion because I like the nature, the landscapes

During my holidays in Bordeaux I met up with Maddy. She’s a really simple woman and smiling girl who well welcomed me. We went to Porge’s beach far from 45 minutes of the center.

Maddy is West Indian who grew up in Paris but now lives in Bordeaux. She’s the oldest of a 5 children family, and is really close to them. Maddy is classy, and expect the best from her and others, she also loves to give herself challenges because she hates routine. She enjoy sharing her new stuff, she likes to do stuff on her own, try new things like her new YouTube channel order to share advices about fashion and cosmetic. Loner, she doesn’t have much friends but the one she has are like brothers and sisters. Very sociable, she likes to laugh her patients she feels usable. Fascinate by the woman’s body, she draws a lot of fashion design and would love to have a job that ask her to do that and would involve independence and human contact. She has been a model for the past year, and also appear in a couple clip video. She become bigger when she starts modeling and be in videos. However, if she has to pick between both, it’s gonna be photography because she becomes somebody else afront of the camera.


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