Joan (DJ Luigi)

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Nickname? LuiGi

Age? 29 years old

City or country? Both of them, with one advantage to the town because I like the life around me. Also I like the countryside because it’s calm and I can relax myself time to time

Night or Day? Night, It’s  during the night that I have many activities

Beer or Smoothie? Soft drink or good local juice or beer

Movie? Constantine, i still remember this movie. If not, actions and comedies films more ever films with controversals subject

Book? The Lucky Luke comics and magasins about music

Music? I listen small part of every kind of music, if not Soul, Dancehall, Zouklove and Zouk retro , reggae, roots, old school (Hip Hop & R&B)

Occupation? Deejay

Mentor? Model? DJ Gil for his professionnalism, the quality of his job and his Humility.Dje Creeks Mr for this same things and his originality

1st thing you do after work? Sleep LOL

A striking meeting? The first time i have mixted with DJ Gil in a party? he was the official DJ . He was tired and asked me for taking his place, I was so happy that he trusted  me and gave me my chance.

A striking fact? Finish second to the Toulouse Beach 2009

Hobby? Handball

Dream destination? USA because they are open mind for the music and because i still belive in the american dream.

Long time ago I met Joan in Martinique. We have some oportunities to mix together in parties for my starting in music.During my holidays in Bordeaux, I thought it could be grate to visit him and take his interview.

Joan is a young DJ who lives in Bordeaux? He is the only son and he was always fan of music .He decided to work in this filed and went to the university for learning as an Enginner in Monpellier.He had his certificat in 2010. After many research in the Bordeaux’s region, he decided to live with his passion (To be a disc jockey).He likes playing jokes because we were jaking and laughting during the session. However, he is applicated and perfectionist mainly when it is for serious things. Actually he thinks that get true friends and a few is better than get many friends. Joan expect to have a career which will allow him to visit many countries with his family and meet new people. He would like to have a family life. And would like  his work to be used by everybody without been on the highlight.



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