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Nickname? Geo

City or country? City,

Night or Day? The night quietness

Beer or smoothie? A very fresh Belgian beer

Astérix & Obélix Mission Cléopâtre”

Book? I don’t read enough

Music? 15 sounds, none stands out but the latter is “Make It Go Right” by Childish Gambino

Occupation? Engineering graduate / Photographer

Mentor? Model? Arsene Wenger for his versatility and his patience (he gives a chance to his players and follows them until they become the best)

1st thing you do after work? 

Relaxed with a drink in front of TV (or video)


Foot & Photography

Dream destination? Finland in winter / The

French Polynesia Islands

This week I decided to spend two hours with Geoffrey, he was my trainer at my arrival at Weemove. He agreed to meet me at the Louvre because this is where he comes to draw any inspiration. So I found him sitting on a bench, thoughtful. We started with a simple portrait that soon turned into experimental photography (2 photography fans …). It was very informative 2 hours as we talked about his picture practical, festivals. He explained some tips to better control club light, and especially gave me some advice to improve my interviews :D. As you may have thought, he’s rather shy. He learned to overcome his shyness through the evening picture because it is impossible to make good pictures at club if you’re unable to approach the public. Finally we had a great time between laughter and grimaces monkey!


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