Fabrice Houessou

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Nickname? Falan

Age? 28 years old

Single? In a relationship? In a relationship since 8 years

City or Country? Both of them, I love city because i need agitation, but when I travel to Benin I
prefer the country because it’s quiet

Night or Day? I love the sunrise, morning is the beginning of new possibilities of projects or ideas

Baer or Smoothie? Smoothie or cocktails

Favorite Movie? Mr Nobody, this movie talk about various choices you can make and consequences. I love movies which tell something, leave with a reflection or a solution.

Favorite Song? These days, a lot of African music (Wiskid, Toofan), Dancehall. During my holidays in Benin, I met a woman who gave me African music
and update me to it

Favorite book? Long time since I read a book, but now I read a lot of books which tell about personal development

Hobby? Humor, photography and drawing

Occupation? Web developer

Mentor? Model? Louis CK, because I wish to meet him. He mixes vulgarity and reflexion. He introduces the “But may be” the dark think you can have on sad situations.

1st thing you do after work? I kiss my girlfriend and I turn on my Mac (Before, I turn on my Mac before kissing my girlfriend, but after 8 years of experience, I realized you must kiss your girlfriend before turning on your computer)

A striking meeting? Talk with Yacine Belhousse and Blanche Gardin because I loved to watch them on TV

A striking fact?  In 2011, my first return in Benin. I let my country, my family and my friends 5 years ago. It was difficult to return to Paris and to leave them and return to only my girlfriend. I noticed that I didn’t manage to recreate this environment in France.

Dream destination? I wish to visit all around Japan because the culture (Samuraï, Ninja, Geisha)

Fabrice Houessou is an older co-worker I met during a mission on my work. I spent 2 hours with him near St-Lazare train station.

His parents were born in Grand Popo, but Fabrice was born in Cotonou, the economical city of Benin. To study, he left Africa and came in Paris. He likes to observe people and learn about their relations. He has an artistic profile, he draws and love stand ups. On his photos and drawings he loves to tell stories. He applies to give a smile even in difficult or sad times. He is optimistic and realistic, He sets goals and does his best to reach them. He adapts himself to the situations and tries to see the positive of an unpleasant situation. Humor is very important to him, he can use auto-mockery, for example, to get out of trouble in awkward moments of his personal life. He is patient, solid and ambitious. He thinks that the Jamel Comedy Club could be an important stage, which would help him to reach his goals, to represent himself with his idol.



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