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Nickname? Emilie

Age? 19 years old

Single? In couple since 2 years

City or country? Both but I prefer quiet places 

Night or Day? It depends on the program

Beer or Smoothie? Smoothie, I went a bender and I never recovered from it

Movie? Horror movies and Cartoons

Book? I read for obligation 🙁

Music? Nichols, Xman, Keros-n sinon Zouk, Kizomba, Dancehall

Occupation?  I’m a nurse student

Mentor? Model? Lois Shine, for photography because I like her career

1st thing you do after work? I snack 😀

Hobby? Cinema, Shopping, Sport in the fitness gym, go out with my girlfriends

Dream destination? To leave everything to live near the beach on a dream island such as the Mauritius Island or Tahiti

I met Emilie during a video shoot 2 years ago. Since, we tried to meet again unsuccessfully because of our respective plannings in charge of.

 She was able to release herself for a few hours last Sunday, I took advantage of it to welcome her at my home to be in a quiet place to talk. She is an only child and lives in Meaux. She’s a mixed of a caucasian father and a guadeloupian mother. Emilie is working on becoming a nurse and work in a restaurant to get money on the side. She has a strong caracter, she’s a kid in an adult mind who is realistic. Because of some problems “of girls”, she was in boarding internship during 2 years what forced her to become quickly autonomous and responsible. The family stayed her central pillar. She needs moments of solitude, reflection and peace but can be very impulsive and thinks a lot about subjects which her friends consider not essential. Emilie is however aware of her defects and does efforts to channel them. She is in couple for 2 years and travel with her partner a lot (La Rochelle, Cannes, Mauritius Island). Moreover, she arrived late to our appointment because she prepared them holidays in Malta. Her adventure in photography began by chance, she was contacted on Facebook by a photographer, liked the session then continued on this way with clips. She would like to be in one of her favourite artist’s clips (if you read this article don’t hesitate to contact her). She is a very organized person who likes  things to be the right way. Fan of tattoos and herself tattooed, her design represent her attachments and her philosophy. Old sportswoman, she had the opportunity to participate in the French championship of Gym in team, even if she doesn’t practises anymore the Gym, the sport remains important in her life.


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