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Nickname? Suricate

Age? 34 years old

Single? In a relationship? In a relationship since 10 years

Astro Sign? Pisceans

City or Country? The campaign, it’s restful

Night or Day? Night because it’s quiet

Beer or Smoothie? Beer

Sweet or Savoury? Sweet because you can find diferent flavour with sugar it’s more dificult to have with salt.

Favorite Movie? Society movies, ou afro carribeen stories.

Favorite Book?  “A l’Est d’eden” by John Steinbeck, it was my father’s favorite book. He named me like that because he had a crush of this book .

Favorite Song? I’m eclectic, I take the best of music

Occupation? Bus driver

Mentor? Model? Claude François, he death of the same year i was born, i like he’s life conception.

1st thing you do after work? I call my wife to hear from my daughter /  I call my wife to know if every things is ok at home and if my daughter feel good.

A striking meeting? I was military and I do a mission in libanon. I met an important general, we talked about life and I liked his life’s vision. This conversation turned me upside down. Time ago I learned he kills a lot of people and I now I don’t know if media know it?

A striking fact? I’m an orphan. my father died when I was 6 month and my mother when i was 3 years. My aunt brought me up like if I was her child. When the young people are lacking respect to their parents, I think that they don’t know the luck they have.

Hobby? Hair, I make dreadlocks in my spare time

Dream destination?  Jamaica ou africa, there is a lot of talentuous artist. I expect to discover where they take their inspiration to think diferently.

Citation? It’s better to have more memories than projects.

I met Eden 2 years ago during a day photo shoot for a caribbean association. Since this time, I’m looking his actuality on social media. I told him I want learn more about him and he invited me to his home for this interview. This episode it’s exceptional because it was a strike in his daughter’s school so he did the episode with her. Dreamy, optimist, ambitious he has a fusional relation with his daughter and his wife. He has a spread family life filled with love. He loves life and takes care before doing choices because he assumes each one. He always has the smile, it’s easy to contact him, he’s umble so a lot of people appreciate his qualities. Eden expect to get up a day, old, smiling and without regret.


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