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Nickname? Claim

Age? 28 years old

Single? In a relationship? In a relationship

City or country? Both of them, I would like to find a mixed of them.

Night or Day? Early evening

Beer or Smoothie? A simple fruit juice

Movie? Tom Hanks, funny movies

Book? Manga and nice books, “Comme un  roman” by Daniel Pennac this book explains how people can have different feelings about a same book.

Music? Old school, Hiphop or jazzy music

Occupation? Selling consultant and home esthetician

Mentor? Model?  I haven’t model but I admire optimistic, ambitious and altruistic people as Nelson Mandela

1st thing you do after work? Depend, if I come back home early I chill and watch TV with my snack and if I’m home late I kiss my son

A striking meeting? The first time I seen my son

A striking fact? The photoshoot, I never think I could do it

Hobby? Previously, sports, shopping, fashion, create cosmetics cream but now I haven’t time for

Dream destination? Australia for landscapes, for fun and people and Bali because it’s an amazing place

I met Claimence 3 years ago on social network. I spent 2 hours with her at Heron park in Villeneuve D’ascq a city near Lille during my weekend there.

Unfortunately, it was a cold and rainy day. She has got a son, Noah, he’s 7 years old. Claimence is a mother and a friend for him. She grew up with her brothers and had good time until her parent’s divorced. And then, she became an example for her brothers. She enjoys to receive her friends and her family for a cocktail or light dinner and game night. She can do everything for her friends and family. Short time after our first meeting,Claimence dropped weight (over 116 pounds). Now she feels more woman and live a new lifeShe’s organized, Everything has to be perfect otherwise she’s disappointed. She’s judgmental and stubborn, this permits her to give the best at work and at home. Claim doesn’t have anytime for her, she has 2 jobs and abandoned all of her hobbies to devote time for her son. In the futur, She wish could have open her beauty institute or become a beauty shop manager.


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