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Nickname? Cindy

Single? Single, I’ve been a relation but now I haven’t had anything serious.

City or country? I rather be in the city, country is too calm. when I’ll have kids, I might choose country .

Night or Day? Both, days for fun and nights you can take risks

Beer or Smoothie? Without doubts smoothies because I don’t drink alcohol and there are many flavors that I enjoy

Movie? 50 shades of grey because of sensuality, danger, and love.

Book? Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey. We all wish in this book that we could think like a man so we could hurt them like they do.

Music? U.S rap and African music in general.

Occupation? Hair and Esthetics

Mentor? Model? My mom because of her strength and courage

1st thing you do after work?  go to the gym, I assume my body and want to look better

Hobby?  Going out, photography, and shopping

Dream destination? The U.S because everything is bigger there and they are more open artistically. I think that it’s easier to start your business there

I met Cindy during a clip show. when I propose her the interview on Friday, she did not hesitate and said that she would meet me today close to her house, a city next to Paris. When I heard this Sunday would be cloudy, I think it would be interesting. its the first cloudy episode of the season. When we met, we drove to a forest name l’isle Adam. I was amazed by the view, a lake with ducks, little constructions,huge trees. The perfect place to take pictures. I will come back! So, Cindy is a young Zairian-Portugese  she’s 20 years old and grew up in Paris. Her parents met in France while they were working and never left each other. They had Cindy she’s the 2nd kid, has a sister and a little brother. She has a dog and a cat but prefer her dog because cats are too independent. Since she was young, she always love dancing, because of her dad’s origin, Zairian ( they love to dance over there). She always loved photography, model, and change clothes all the times. Cindy knows how to find time for her hobbies and her relationships even if she’s a working girl. She works with a agency that give her contracts for her pictures, dancing, and events. the fact that she is mixt help her with her activities, she can be shy but also know how to have fun. Doing Sports is really important in her life. She doesn’t do sport for her own assurance but just want to reach the goal that she challenge herself with. She consider her friends like family, some of them are really old friends. She dreams about a dedicated man, unpredictable and respectful. She is thoughtful, organized and like to control her projects so would like to find someone who can surprised her and change her routine. Her dream career is to be a international model and have a popular hairstyle and esthetics business ( have some celebrities like Kim K or Tyra Banks).


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