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Nickname? Anto

Age? I’m going to be 31 real soon

Single? In a relationship? I’m single

Astro Sign? I’m Scorpio

City or Country? The countryside, when there is too many people it can become alarming

Night or Day? I prefer the night because I love the night world and I find that to sleep is a waste of time

Beer or Smoothie? I prefer the Smoothie

Sweet or Savoury? Sweet food, my only greed is the chocolate

Favorite Movie? Horror movies (activity Paranormal) but I prefer the music because I am more hearing than person with a strong visual sense

Favorite Book? True stories and biographies

Favorite Song? Kizomba

Occupation? I work in day-nursery, I take care of children

Mentor? Model? I don’t have necessarily a mentor

1st thing you do after work? I go to the sport, I go to courses of RPM (bike in room at the rate of the music), of cardio and of body-building

A striking meeting? An ex… I don’t say more about it

A striking fact? Last year I visited the big church of Fatima, it’s an amazing place, very touching and striking with regard to my religion

Hobby? Go in for sport and travel

Dream destination? Brazil, my origins are Portuguese, I would like visiting with regard to the culture

Citation? Don’t make to the others than you wouldn’t like that we make for you

A few month ago I met Antonella in the subway. Since it was difficult to see again because of our job’s schedules. We seen in la Défense at lunch time, she came with a friend Yohan.

Antonella is french, But her parents are portuguese, She’s got only an older brother. She hasn’t had too much confidence in herself until a friend photographer insite her doing  a photo shoot like a model. She confess me her stubborn personality and her friend said discrettely yes with head. At time we met, I discovered a real quality in Antonella, she’s a very sociable woman! It was a lot of people in the subway but she accept talking?  with a big smile. I was surprised because it’s difficult to meet peoplea and talked with them, in the subway at peak our in Paris.  At the beginning of our photo shoot she was taking poses. I disturbed her until she’s be more comfortable then it proved fun, full of initiatives and spirited. If i had more time i think we will continue the photo shoot to the end of afternoon. She loves travels, sport and expect to keep this activity to having a balance in her life.


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