City or country? A little part of country in the city. As Central Park ! 😀

Night or day? Better things happens at night 😉

Beer or smoothie? Oh so hard question…beer at night and smoothie the day. Okay if I need to choose only one…smoothie for health and beauty.

Favorite movie? I hesitate between Rio2 and The Last Samuraï with the best, my beloved forever Tom Cruise.

Favorite song? For the moment, I’m blocked on “The Way you Move” by Neyo, Trey Song and T-Pain. But I don’t really have favorite songs.

Favorite book? “Le 1e jour” following by “La 1e nuit” by Marc Levy, my favorite author.

Profession? I don’t work yet

Hobbies? Pastry, swimming, sailing, hink and now thank to you now, photo. 😀

I had the chance to receive Anaèle, from Martinique, who lives in Saint-Etienne. She was in Paris to train to the clinical research. We went to a small area with a lot of glazed buildings, because I wanted to do photos with beautiful reflections. In speaking with her, I understood that I had to create an atmosphere between city and country. She take care a lot of her hair (which are very beautiful!) so I focused on it. I think I convert her to the photography 😀 and I encourage her to buy a good camera, because with her smartphone, she does beautiful landscape pictures during her travels. She have a style and framings quite different from the usual.


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