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Nickname? None

Age? 25 years old

Single? In a relationship?  In a relationship

Astro Sign? Gemini

City or Country? Country

Night or Day? Night

Beer or Smoothie? Beer

Sweet or Savoury? Both, however I am not greedy.

Favorite Movie? The Bollywood movies, there are the only movies not violent that I can to find nowadays.

Favorite Book? I like theories of philosophy or economists’ subjects globally.

Favorite Song? My tastes are quite diverse: classical music, french songs, Ukrainian or Georgian songs, without forgetting the Indian music.

Occupation? I dimension waste treatment plant

Mentor? Model? 

1st thing you do after work? I cycle. I love to phone and cycle

A striking meeting? 

A striking fact? 

Hobby? Music. I am in a small band. We are 4. We play classical music and some russian music. I play the violin and the accordion

Dream destination? Auvergne, it’s really very beautiful and that inspires me a lot of peace.

Citation? “It’s not the way which is difficult but difficult which is the way” – I know it since I am 8 years old, since I didn’t retain it.


I went to Lyon, last week, to meet Sebastien Roignant. Arrived at the station, I settled down in the waiting room to reload my smartphone and I met Flore which revised her partitions.

 I asked her if she could grant me some time to know a little more about her. She unfortunately had a train to catch, she was able to grant me only 20 minutes. You can understand that I wasn’t able to collect all the necessary information to do a complete interview. We went outside behind the train station (that I had just discovered) to have a maximum of light. Flore is a very dynamic young woman. She is easy to speak to and seams very atruistic, I saw her giving up her charger to an unknown woman who was needy. There is no doubt on the fact that she loves spending time with her friends (her group of musicians).They had to leave for the weekend for a performance so she was looking forward to joining them. They finally participated in the session, it has been an unforgettable moment! They don’t take themselves seriously so they helped me to take natural pictures of Flore very quickly!


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