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Nickname? Narcisse a.k.a 6-Nar

City or country? City

Beer or smoothie? Beer Corona

Movie? American black 90 year (American Story X – Puf Puf Pass – Requiem for a Dream)

Book? Edgar Morin

Music? Joey Baddass – J Dilla – 9th wonder, pure music of Atlanta

Occupation? Private supermodel and singer-songwriter

Hobby? singing, photography


I spent two hours with 6-Nar in La Défense. There was much discussion because it’s someone who has a lot of ongoing projects. I met him one day in the RER A post-shoot with my photographer friend Pascal Barlot. So I naturally asked him to come with me to the interview. To return to my main topic, 6-nar is someone simple and very ambitious, He’s private model and toured Europe. He just came out of a shoot for a Korean brand. In parallel he’s songwriter. Exclusively we had the opportunity to listen some of his songs  personally, I love! When I asked what really kicking him, he said: “What I like most is writing”


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