Nickname? Mowgli

City or Country?  In real life, city, but if I had the choice,“Zion” 🙂

Night or Day?  Night because all cats are grey in the dark! It seems that sleep on and brings lightness

Beer or Smoothie?  Beer naturaly, I’m sure you know it!

Favorite Movie? Gladiator, Avatar, all Marvel movies, I’m a fan of it!

Favorite Song? US Rap songs, Booba and Reggae/Dancehall

Favorite book? “1984″ by Georges Orwell because it’s a pillar of literary sci-fi and it has inspired thebig brother idea

Profession? Shopgirl in “LUXURY” shop

Hobby?  Sport, tattoo, chilling with friends, music, travels, Sneakers


I spend 2 hours with Roxane, we drove during 15 minutes before find an industrial area. First, we were evicted of a private propriety and finally find an amazing building with front bricks. She was amazed by my collapsible reflector wich opens like Quechua tent. She confessed that she had a Mickey tent using the same system. Her promised land is Jamaica, she already went once for 3 weeks. It was a great time, we laughed a lot. She even asked me to never make jokes because I’m a bad humorist 🙁 . Her nickname, Mowgli, fits her very well because her friends often tell her she descended from monkeys without having passed an intermediate step.


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