Nickname? Laulau

City or Country? City cause I like when there’s life

Night or Day? Day cause when I’m alone, I’m scared of the dark

Beer or Smoothie? Beer, I don’t like the texture of the smoothie

Favorite Movie?  The Butler, this film made me cry

Favorite Song? Difficult, too much, I listen to everything

Favorite book? I haven’t read enough

Profession? Business student

Hobby? Turn up the music and dancing front of my mirror

I spent 2 hours with Laura. After my working day, I met her in “Gare de Lyon” cause a friend of mine told me there were an awesome street close to this place. It’s actually about a full  coloured houses street, with one colour per house. I thaught it could perfectly match with her red hair. She’s a kind of “take it easy” girl but serious at work anyway. She loves the Nappy Hair social movment, to make you understand, nappy and proud. She already worked as a model, but never so unstudied that was a really good training for both of us. She really likes cats and fortunately, we made a woman who were looking for her deaf cat. Guess what? That’s pretty hard to call a deaf cat but we found it and he played with us for a while! After this funny shooting, I came with her to catch her train.


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