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City or Country? Country to breath open air, hear birds

Night or Day? Night is for sleeping (laughing) , day for contemplate the sky and enjoy the sun

Beer or Smoothie? Rum (laughing), Fruit juice

Favorite Movie? Western, Action movie

Favorite Song? French music rocked me (Tino rossi, Gilbert Bécaud, Joe Dassin), creole music (biguine), music with beautiful lyrics (Fernand Donatien, Léona Gabriel)

Favorite book? Novel about life

Profession? Retired

Hobby? Gardening, couture, enbroiderie, cooking, I’ve always loved to sing

I had the chance to spend two hours with my grandma. She isn’t very comfortable in front of a camera lens, but she agrees to do this (with difficulty). I see her only one time in year because she lives in Martinique.


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